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Clippers can be a new NBA champion

There are still chances. It's a game 4 happening right now.

    1. Strong roster

    The Clippers have a talented roster with players such as Kawhi Leonard, and Paul George, who are experienced in the playoffs and have a history of performing well under pressure.

    2. Improved Chemistry

    After adding new pieces to their roster, the Clippers have shown improved chemistry and cohesion on the court. This has helped them play better as a team and execute their game plan more effectively.

    3. Depth

    The Clippers have a deep bench with players like Bones Hyland, Norm Powell

    4. Coaching

    The Clippers have a talented coach in Tyronn Lue who has experience winning championships as both a player and a coach. He has also shown the ability to make adjustments during games and series.

    5. Defense

    The Clippers have a strong defensive unit.

    6. Playoff experience

    Many of the Clippers' key players have extensive playoff experience, which will be valuable in a championship run.

    7. Mental toughness

    The Clippers have shown resilience and mental toughness throughout the season, which will be important in a grueling playoff run.

    8. Health

    If the Clippers can stay healthy, they have the talent and depth to make a deep playoff run.

    9. Motivation

    The Clippers were eliminated in the second round of the playoffs last season, which has given them added motivation to win a championship this year.

    10. Momentum

    The Clippers are currently playing well and have won a number of games in a row, which could give them momentum heading into the playoffs.

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