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College Tuition: Ten Ideas For Better Ways To Invest/Spend Your Hard Earned Money

Alternatives to college. The question is: if you spend 4 years and, let's say $100,000 on college is there a better way to spend that money?

How do we measure "better"?

- more knowledge.

- more opportunities for the future

- healthier relationships

- more wisdom

- better health

College Tuition: Ten Ideas For Better Ways To Invest/Spend Your Hard Earned Money

    1. Travel

    Travel costs money. You also learn a lot from travel: you meet new people, you learn their customers, you learn history, you learn how to communicate with people you don't understand, you have experiences you can tell stories about later, you can attend conferences all over the world, etc.

    All of this for a fraction of college tuition.

    2. Coursera

    All the things you can learn in college, you can learn online from better teachers, better classmates. and 1/100 of the price.

    What you don't get: a college degree. But, 99% of people are asked, "Where do you go to college", approximately zero times in their career.

    3. Start businesses

    For instance, go to trends.com, or listen to my podcasts on entrepreneurship, or sign up for StarterStory.

    ready or listen to examples of startups and how to start different variety of startups. In the time it takes to graduate college and with the money it takes, you can probably start 6-8 solid businesses.

    Some suggestions:

    - start an instagram agency for companies.

    - start a hedge fund (I know, seems hard for someone young but that's an idea for another post)

    - start a KDP business (described in another list)

    - create online courses

    - learn copywriting, use it to see something like a financial newsletter or a diet newsletter or teach other people copywriting.

    - start an affiliate business (I did a podcast on this)

    - start a dropshipping business

    Some, all, of these will fail but the education will be invaluable.

    At the end of four years, history majors will graduate with knowledge of history. In four years you will have significant experience as an entrepreneur, if not success. You will learn from all of your experiences.

    4. Buy a business

    Go to flippa.com, buy an existing proftiable business for less than $100,000. Buy it only if you have ideas to improve it.

    For instance, on the front page of flippa.com right now is this business:


    It's a training site for CPR and first aid and I think you get a certificate at the end.

    It's $85,000 to buy it but this is negotiable. And it makes $5000 profit a month, so you can make back your initial outlay in a little more than a year.

    What can do you do to improve it?

    Well, it depends on how they are currently marketing it.

    But you can buy FB ads, twitter ads, you can write copy so the landing page encourages people to buy.

    You can do deals with health/fitness influencers. You can do deal with corporates who have a mandate to teach their employees first-aid.

    Do this for 2 years and then flip the business. See if you can improve profits and then flip for more than you bought it. Then buy another business.

    What an experience! So much better than education.

    If you want to learn history, read books and watch youtube videos and attend online courses. Do this for almost free while you buiild your businesses.

    5. Real estate

    Buy an apartment building for less than $100k.

    Listen to my podcast with Dean Graziosi. How to pay for a building for less than $100k and charge rent for it.

    Use the cash flows from one building to build the next. Again, listen to my podcast with Graziosi.

    You will learn negotiation, business, real estate, real estate maintenance, lending, etc.

    6. Crypto-for-hire mercenary

    With a year's wortgh of study, maybe less, you can learn:

    - how to build your own currency

    - how to build an NFT

    - basic problems in the crypto world that can be solved.

    By year two or earlier you can start either building businesses or help others build their businesses, and you will learn cutting edge technology while everyone else in college is learning basic computer science.

    7. Write

    Becasue of all the social media platforms there are many writers out threre but few people know how to write.

    Write every day, read every day, post every day.

    Here's what I do:

    - I read a quality literary fiction book

    - I read some non-fiction

    - I read inspirational works

    Then I start writing until I have a post.

    Do this every day and within a year you will have the beginning skills of a writer. Trust me when I say 1 out of 100 have this. If you have this skill you will be 10x ahead of everyone graduating college.

    You can learn these skills to be a professional writer, to be an influencer, to write a newsletter, to write copy, etc.

    8. Get good at something not taught in college

    Spend those 4 years learning magic. Be a great magician. The benefits:

    - you learn an incredibly hard skill that nobody else knows

    - you don't get into debt

    - the skill can make money (doing magic shows)

    - the fact tha tyou know magic will have other benefits (for instance, job hirers will be more impressed by this than some random degree.

    Other things other than magic:

    - race car driving

    - standup comedy

    - publishing anovel

    - chess

    - poker

    - get a pilot's license

    9. Learn data analysis and basic statistics

    Apply it to industries in unusual ways.

    - If you can track "impact" data in a football game can you predict the winner

    - you can find anomalies in the stock market

    - can you analyze google searches that suggest what businesses to start.

    - can you analyze change-of-address data filed by urban post offices to figure out the next big areas of the US that will have a real estate boom

    10. Just watch a movie a day

    Don't sweat it. Save $100k. Watch 1200 moves in four years. Who knows how this will benefit your life?

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