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Collin's Idea Sex List

As I understand it Idea Sex is when you combine to common ideas to form a brand new idea. It definitely helps get the brain juices flowing.

I should do this on a more regular basis.

An example of this would be Bob Ross. He combined TV and painting. It made him money, famous and The Only. Julia Child also did this with Cooking and TV.

    1. Writing and AI

    NotePD has already started this with creating new ideas. But I was thinking what if I were writing a story and AI could give me character suggestions. Or different ending paths. Or taking old stories and updating them with modern name and story lines.

    2. Birthday Cards + NFTs

    I always get cards from family members and never know what to do with them, or how long I should keep them.

    I would rather a family member give me a digital card and then I could keep them all in an App or Wallet. And not have to figure out what to do with them.

    3. Dog brusher/walker + Robot

    My dog sheds his fur.

    Maybe there could be a robot that brushes my dog and takes him for a walk.

    4. Skydiving + TV

    A TV channel of just skydiving jumps 24/7

    5. Comedy + Music

    Do an entire comedy set musically

    6. Tavel + Ideas

    "Around the World in 80 Ideas": A list of ideas for unique and interesting travel experiences from all around the world.

    7. Furniture + Relationships

    What is the couple's style?

    8. Plane's + classes

    painting, pottery, music, writing. When you book a plane ride you the whole plane trips is some type of class.

    9. Driving + Tree planting

    In order to renew your drivers license each time you have to show that you have planted at least one tree.

    10. Community service + tax benefits

    The more community service you do the more tax breaks you get.

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