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Collin’s travel tips

Traveling is a part of my rich life. It is important for me to get away and see the countryside. See how other people live. See what other cities are like.

Traveling can be costly. It can be stressful.

Here are some of my travel tips that I have discovered that work for me.

    1. Airport lounge

    Get an airline credit card to get access to the lounge. Eat a meal
    Before your flight. Also helps build status on your airline.

    2. Twitter - Cheap flights

    Cheapdfw- Twitter account that posts flights deals. See if your city has the same type of account. Jump on the flight deals though, they go fast.

    3. Hotel lounge - Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt

    Again, get a credit card to build status. Eat and drink a few meals in the lounge.

    4. GetYourGuide.com

    This has always been a good experience for me. When I went to Barcelona I took a day trip to France and Andorra. 3 countries in one day.

    There are all kinds of local experiences that you can do that are completely unique.

    Find a day trip to do. Affordable prices. Local guides.

    5. Walk around downtown

    See the architecture and find out what your location has to offer.

    6. Go for a hike

    Pretty much any location you go to will have a place where you can go walk around outside. See the natural landscape of your travels.

    7. Load up books/shows/movies on your device.

    There can be a lot of downtime when traveling. Planes, trains, car rides.

    Use that time to catch up on all the media you missed while working.

    8. Give yourself some down time

    I like experience all the things a new place has to offer. But it is important not to overdo your travels.

    Plan for time to rest and during your travels.

    9. Trains/buses

    Trains/buses are a great way to see lots of different places.

    I backpacked through Europe using trains.

    I went from Maine down through all the Northeast states using bus rides.

    Fly into one city take a train to a different place and fly out of that place.

    10. https://www.gadventures.com/

    These travel packages have never disappointed me. They are more for an active traveler.

    11. Connect with a local

    Locals are great hosts. If you travel internationally locals always want a chance to practice speaking English. They also love to feed you and show you around their community.

    Just keep in mind that locals are fun to connect with, but they also have the potential to hijack your trip. Set clear expectations and stick to them.

    12. https://www.ricksteves.com/

    Has never let me down

    13. https://www.asksebby.com/

    Credit card hacking for travel

    14. Call ahead and ask for recommendations

    15. Rent a bike for the day

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