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Combating retail theft

It seems nearly every day I'm reading another story about the rise of retail theft. So, can anything be done. I don't know but here are the results of a few minutes brainstorming.

P.S. AI picked the art again. No idea why.

Combating retail theft

    1. Go the automat or vending machine route.

    All products in "unbreakable" cabinets and only dispensed when payment is received.

    2. The shelfless store.

    No product on the shelves whatsoever. Customers order what they want on a kiosk or with a salesclerk. then their items are delivered from the storeroom to the counter.

    3. Controlled access.

    Each customer has to be individually "buzzed" or otherwise be given access. If you do it somewhat like a revolving or double set of doors; the likelihood of several people entering at once is decreased.

    4. Controlled egress

    Same idea as above, but the opposite.

    5. Legislative changes

    Enforce the existing laws. Seems radical.

    6. Closing store alliance.

    If a community business group is facing this type of action. Unify your action. After every event, EVERY retail business close for the remainder of the day and one day following. The business owners would definitely feel the pinch and innocent customers would be slighted. But to get community cooperation, it may be required.

    7. Paint/pepperball

    Store staff would make no effort to intervene with the criminals but immediately upon exiting, the thieves would be hit with either paint or pepper balls. Less lethal and marks criminals for what they are.

    8. Shopping by appt. only.

    Shoppers must make an appt. No walk-ins allowed.

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