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Comic Scripts

10 scripts for new comics

    1. Treat people like they're the person you know they can be

    1 - Do you see hidden potential in people?

    2 - Act like they have already atchieved it

    3 - The complements and the feeling of guilt will help drive them to become that person

    4 - (To another character) Great job. You must study hard. (Other character smiles)

    5 - (Other character studying)

    6 - How will you feel as you watch them grow into the person you knew they could be?

    2. Stand up for yourself

    1. Noone want's to live as a slave

    2. Yet we often become a slave to our thoughts

    3. (thoughts - I can't do that because..., If i do that then ...., I need to do .....)

    4. As long as we refuse to push back, we'll continue to be slaves.

    5. Stand up for yourself. Say 'No more'. Face the consequences and become free.

    6. It's better to be uncomfortable for a few minutues than to be a slave for a lifetime.

    * Pictures of someone being bullied/standing up for themselves.

    3. Everything is on loan

    1. Loss hurts. A lot. Returning a loan. Not so much.

    2. As we know, nothing lasts forever.

    3. If someday we will no longer have it. Does it not make more sense to view it as a loan?

    4. You're returning it to the universe.

    5. Your phone. House. Friends. Family. They're all on loan.

    6. Enjoy the time you have with them. They won't last forever.

    4. Discomfort

    1. Discomfort isn't something to be avoided. It's something we should seek.

    2. Noone grows when they're relaxing. We grow when we push ourself past our limits.

    3. Pushing ourselves to our limits is the same feeling as discomfort.

    4. Next time you're in a rut, ask yourself 'How is this helping me grow?'

    5. You'll still need to push through, but this reframe will make it a lot easier to do.

    6. Embrace the discomfort and continue to grow into the hero you're destanded to be.

    5. Disagreements

    1. Disagrements aren't a battle. As soon as you treat them as such, everyone loses.

    2. You both walk away feeling even stronger about your belifs.

    3. View disagrements as a puzzle youre both trying to solve.

    4. Both sides want the best outcome. Work together to atchieve that.

    5. Most of the time disagrements are made at the first stage.

    6. If you disagree at the start, arguing points afterwards won't work.

    * Disagrements at start - Abortion boby/fetus, Trans - Woman/Man in dress, offence - evil/ignorant

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