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Collin Harness


Companies it would be interesting to work for

If I ever need to change and do something different these are a few businesses that might be interesting to work for.

Although the most interesting thing would be to work for myself.

    1. Google

    How many different projects are they working on?

    Would be interesting to see what is in the pipeline for this business.

    2. Salesforce

    The bible of sales.

    I think I would learn a lot about sales working for this business.

    3. Disney


    It might make me more creative working for this business.

    How does everything tie together from parks to TV to products.

    4. Live Nation

    What makes a great live event?

    Could I do some type of live show that would be entertaining and profitable?

    5. Pfizer

    What exactly is the business of healthcare?

    What types of health issues are they working to solve?

    6. Fidelity

    Everything money.

    It would be fun to help people make more money.

    7. SpaceX

    How are we going to get to Mars?

    How many people does it take to build a rocket to the moon and beyond?

    8. Hubspot

    How do I build an audience, monetize, sell and find new customers?

    9. RH

    What makes great design?
    What is a luxury brand?
    How do you find wealthy clients?

    10. Meta

    What makes their products so addictive?
    What new products are they working on?
    How can they monetize outside of their current products?
    Why are they not going deeper into eCommerce?

    11. Microsoft

    What new products are they working on?
    How many businesses do they serve?

    12. Goldman Sachs

    What exactly happens at a big bank?
    Who is currently working there and what makes those people go on to do so many big things?

    13. Lockheed Martin

    What does it take to build a jet?
    How many different projects do they have running at any one time?

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