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Components of an Ideal Day

If you've ever used a life wheel to determine whether there is balance in your life you'll be familiar with the different spokes to the wheel and then evaluate whether you're spending enough time/effort on these spokes (like family, career, health, etc.). I'd like to drill down and design what my perfect day would look like.

    1. Movement/Exercise

    Ideally outside, maybe a swim, bike or run, or some combination thereof; it's not a good day without some exercise.

    2. Long form reading

    I'd rather read for pleasure than do hard research and there are definitely novels that can be informative. I just want to differentiate between doom-scrolling and emails.

    3. Engineering/Analysis/Design

    My profession is still a big part of how I can define my value to the world. Of course, it puts food on my table, but even if money was no object, I'd want to keep doing something I can get paid to do for the validation it brings me, and my professional experience and education is the best way to do that.

    4. Writing/Creation

    Written prose is the main way I enjoy expressing myself creatively, so it's probably the best way to spend time to stoke any artistic instincts I have.

    5. Time with Family

    I get stressed out by parenting sometimes, mostly because it often costs me time from the other items on this list, but when I'm in a good place mentally, there are moments where I feel like fatherhood is what I was put on this earth to do. An ideal day would have some time spent guiding my sons on their path to becoming good citizens of this earth.

    6. Food/Drink

    The right meals and libations will give me a satisfying feeling to carry me through the day.

    7. Entertainment

    The perfect day would have time for an exciting/interesting/funny TV show or movie.

    8. Washing Up

    It's nice to feel clean - I enjoy baths and showers, both hot and cold, and I even noticed that shaving is a task that can be performed mindfully.

    9. Meditation/Hypnosis/Breathwork

    I think an ideal day would give me some time to not only work on my body through physical exercise, but to do some work on my mind.

    10. Sleep Hygiene

    To have a good day, you need a good night. I know how to power down for the evening, and would do so on an ideal day. I'm not as clear on the best way to wake up pleasantly, but I know waking up to problems can be detrimental to having a good day.

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