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Confidence Boost In My Entrepreneurship Journey

Here's what happened.

Confidence Boost In My Entrepreneurship Journey

    1. I submitted my business to startups.fyi

    I paid $99 to appear in their newsletter early.

    2. Two people booked a call

    3. One of them led to a paid project + it looks like it's leading to a long-term collaboration

    4. I was a bit less comfortable during the call with the other guy

    5. and I'm not sure he will want to work with me, but we'll see

    6. The first guy said he loved the copy on my website


    7. I realized that I offer something people want and I just need to get the word out there

    I had already sort of validated my business idea in the sense that I had been freelancing for a while + people kept telling me how much they loved the idea, but the fact that submitting my business to startups.fyi led to this validated it further. Maybe two calls is not a lot, I don't know, but it was enough for this boost in confidence and motivation.

    8. So now I aim to optimize my website

    I didn't even include testimonials and samples, and I know that's important.

    9. I think I will also add instant buy buttons with different packages

    "Productized services" seem to be working well.

    10. I know it's still important to work on SEO and organic growth

    So I'm not forgetting about that.

    11. But it looks like submitting your business to such a platform and/or sponsoring a newsletter is a great way to start

    If you have a bit of money to spend, maybe that's the fastest way to getting your first client?

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