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Constitution of the Distributed Communities of North America

Revise the US Constitution to eliminate states as political middle management. The new federalism is direct democracy between the individual communities and the national level government, with the states' former responsibilities relegated to either the national level or the local level.

    1. The US Constitution is amended to say that the states are no longer part of the federal government

    2. Every community in North America can become a distributed community if they want to

    3. To be a distributed community, you simply put up an entry barrier (like a fee) to join your community

    4. Your community might have its own constitution or bylaws

    It could vote on them and change them as it sees fit

    5. Your community might have its own currency and economic policies

    It can decide whether to use the dollar, for instance, or create its own crypto-currency for internal transactions within the distributed community

    6. Your community will elect local officials who will handle local matters such as trash collection, roads, schools, etc

    They will also set up their own governance structure (e
    , voting on bylaws) and taxation system (e
    , deciding what percentage of taxes goes to the national level)

    7. When you move from one place to another you can choose which communities you are part of and which ones you aren't part of. You can switch at any time but there has to be an entry fee and/or exit fee so there's some cost involved in switc

    You can also choose not to be part of any distributed communities if you want but then you are governed only by the national level government which I'll describe next. But there should always be an option for people who want more control over their lives than they get now with representative democracy where someone else decides for them what is best for them (and often these representatives are lobbied heavily by special interests).

    For instance, if I lived in NYC I could decide that I wanted to live in a distributed biker community where everyone rides motorcycles and we go on long trips together through out the country once a month or something like that and maybe even have our own currency among ourselves for our motorcycle trips but still use dollars otherwise when we're back in NYC using other forms of transportation so we don't get taxed twice for being bikers living in NYC . Or perhaps I'd like a distributed chess community where people meet regularly at parks all over North America to play each other in tournaments using our own chess coins as prizes instead of money from Starbucks or something like that .

    Or perhaps I'd like my own family-only distributed community where my kids go to school with other kids whose parents are friends with me and we all help each other raise our kids and share resources among ourselves instead of relying on public schools or private schools subsidized heavily by real estate values around those schools .

    Perhaps I'd like a distributed libertarian conservative Christian evangelical Christian community where we meet regularly to discuss politics without having anyone tell us how we should vote because we've studied it very closely ourselves using all sorts of different sources ranging from conservative media outlets all the way over to liberal media outlets so we know exactly what each side thinks so then we can make informed decisions about how we vote rather than just voting along party lines because it's easier . + ...
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