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    1. AI tools

    • I hunted Enhance AI on product hunt today. It lets you add AI autocomplete to your website in just 2 minutes. (link)
    • AI code translator with support for 40+ languages, including natural language. (link)
    • Baked - Turn your idea into art with AI and get it printed. (link)
    • HideGPT - Completely masks the fingerprint of GPT on any piece of text. (link)
    • Refact - Powerful AI coding assistant that combines completion, refactoring, chat, and more. (link)
    • Curiosity-led exploration of a concept with GPT4. Given a topic, it prompts new questions to ask based on its own generated responses. (link)
    • Quilt - Accelerated financial modeling with AI. (link)
    • Wove - A tool for building long-running workflows with LLMs. (link)
    • Create mini AI videos from text. (link)
    • PrankGPT - Prank your friends with AI generated voice calls. (link)
    • SiteGPT - Instantly answer visitors' questions personalized chatbot for your website. (link)
    • YakGPT - A simple, locally running ChatGPT UI. Bring your own keys. (link)
    • LLaMa CPP improvements make loading weights 10-100x faster. (link)
    • Micro Agent - Implementation of an autonomous agent powered by LLMs. (link)
    • Literally Anything - Transform natural language into simple apps, UI, widgets, websites, games, and forms. (link)
    • Cytations - Find YouTube videos that cite an arXiv paper. (link)
    • Playlist Genius - Your AI assistant to create your next playlist. (link)
    • Auto GPT - Write and execute code to make GPT4 fully autonomous. (link)
    • An unofficial collection of Plugins for ChatGPT in different programming languages. (link)
    • AI-generated podcast network of bite-sized daily podcasts on anything. (link)
    • Spell Labs has an interesting demo of building no-code workflows. Not live yet. (link)
    • AI photo sorter - Sort the images on your computer using the power of AI. (link)
    • Lorem GPT - Stop using lorem ipsum and generate relevant placeholder text for your projects. (link)
    • Wabbit - A proof-of-concept of ChatGPT-powered NPC sidekick to join your main character's adventures. (link)
    • Parallel GPT - Bulk process ChatGPT tasks in parallel on spreadsheet UI with CSV/JSON import and export. (link)
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