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Today's stoic meeting is based around courage.  I thought I'd base a list around time's I've been courageous in order to get into the right mindset.

    1. China

    I left everything behind and moved to China.  It wasn't easy.  I hated my first roommate.  The second was a lot better.  

    Teaching it's required confidence, especially since I was never that good at English in school.

    Moving as well as teaching taught me that I am capable of a lot more than I give myself credit for.  I made ton's of new friends, lived a great life and was seen as one of the top teachers.

    2. Books

    I never read, even the mandatory books I'd look for a movie.  I was just never a fan.  Apart from manga.  I read tons.  The pictures just made it easier for me.  Then again I didn't wear glasses back then, maybe it was as simple as books being to straining on my eyes, who knows.

    Anyway I challenged myself to read a book a month a few years ago.  That's straight off reading nothing.  And I managed it I think I read 15 book's in total that year. 

    The courage was to face my own limit's I was scared of that far more than others opinion of if I could do it.  I think that's my biggest obstacle to be honest, my own limit's I put on myself.

    Reading made me smarter.  It also showed me that with focus I can achieve the impossible.

    3. Books 2

    After reading my next challenge was to write a book.  I was bored during the pandemic and wanted to see what I was capable of.  I'm still really proud of it.

    After writing the first book I made a second in that series and a new type of book that was designed to bring people together as well as serve as a keepsake.

    I've published 3 books.  Again it was the courage to face my own limit's.  I'm still amazed I managed it.  I'm now working away on another book.  Stay tuned for that.

    Writing and publishing showed me that with effort I can achieve anything.  

    The Rocco Effect: Set 1

    The Rocco Effect - Set 2

    The Rocco Effect - ?

    4. Fighting

    I've defended women from being attacked by psychotic boyfriends a few times.  Despite them being bigger and stronger.  Sadly it doesn't usually end well for me.  They get back with them and I'm the bad guy.  Still I'm happy I did the right thing.

    Strangely courage didn't really play a part I just did it.  It came as easily as breathing does.  So I'm not sure if this counts.

    Fighting to defend someone taught me that when something's important enough courage isn't a factor, you just do it.  When courage is needed, maybe it's because you don't care enough about it?

    5. Stand up

    I performed stand up last year.  My set wasn't perfect, but it was still a fun story to tell and people seemed to enjoy it.

    Courage played a part until I started walking to stage then suddenly I was in the zone I wasn't thinking anymore it was like I was a robot just going through the routine.  When I finish life returned, it was a weird experience.

    Stand up showed me that making people laugh isn't easy, but If you can make them smile you've won half the battle.  I really enjoyed it, hopefully I can get a few more gigs this year.

    6. Talking to girls

    As charming as I am I still don't find talking to strangers easy.  Everyone's primed to see stranger's as creeps or worse and sometimes when you say hi that's all they see, but there's still a good chunk of time that when you chat they smile and want more.  

    I find that most people really appreciate being noticed and given a little attention.  Asking them to do a small task to help you (hold my beer, watch this, can I have your opinion etc.) makes people matter and if you get a smile and they feel like they matter you're on your way to making a new friend or something more.

    I'm not sure what happened that I just lost the ability to talk to strangers, but it's coming back and I couldn't be happier.  Maybe I'll test my courage and talk to someone later.

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