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Cracked Wide Open

A good hunter doesn't hunt for the kill, a good hunter hunts for the hunt.
Restated: A good hunter is so consumed with the joy of hunting that it will "pop a pretty doe" just for kicks and giggles.

    1. Here's what killing feels like?

    • Gone is the anger.
    • Gone is the bravado.
    • Gone is "I know more than you boy."
    • Gone are the weapons.
    • Gone is the marksman tournament.
    • Gone is the doe hunting.
    • Gone is being a deputy.
    Imagine being a liability because you don't know how to pick up a gun and use it.

    2. Are you deriving pleasure from something that's painful?

    Pleasure and pain were created by the ego and it will use both as weapons against you.
    Both pleasure and pain prevent you from seeing the Light.
    There's no duality in Oneness.

    3. Twice removed from reality.

    Until we are able to get in touch with our emotions we're twice removed from reality.
    Being emotionally bankrupt prevents you from using your emotions to be guided by love.
    You don't even know when you're off balance.
    We're so psychologically wounded and we're too afraid to look at the pain that lies deep within.
    Having a "Dark Night Of The Soul" may be in order.

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