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Crap I gotta do for my company

I am working with an Engineering friend to help bring his product to the US market. I tested the market and got them into a local gallery and they sold 4 of them so far, so there seems to be a market for them. It took me forever, but I just launched an Etsy site, which is great! But the work never ends...

    1. Find more galleries

    2. Instagram, Facebook

    3. Buy some ads

    4. Make a children's book

    They have DIY versions where you can build your own. I have an illustrator, and we want to make a STEM kit with a book, some facts about the insects, and an eBug they can put together

    5. Meet with some STEM folks

    Talk to some STEM teachers and see what kind of thing they would like

    6. Develop the eBugs story

    There is some really cool backstory to the eBugs - there was an ancient life form on the planet Thievabo called the Terran who died out because of a nuclear war and uploaded their brains to a supercomputer code-named Mader, but the thing developed AI and went against their wishes and reincarnated them as electronic bugs with no memory and each different type of eBug has a unique fighting style and they battle each other. It's real deep and weird and I don't understand it all because it's written in Chinese. I need to Americanize it and figure out how it fits into the marketing plan. Maybe change the names because the names above are just how Google translated them phonetically.

    7. Do workshops

    Do some workshops for kids on how to make the bugs. Maybe on my trip to Berlin.

    8. Make some cool graphics

    Maybe I can get in illustrator psyched about the project and make some cool art to put on T shirts in trade for profit sharing

    9. Develop a game

    10. Seek out collaborators

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