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Crazy Day

It was a wild scene, man.

    1. Huge snow storm, more accumulated than any of the weather apps predicted

    2. The power went out before the storm really kicked in

    We have battery back up so we don't necessarily know when the power goes out. The complicating factor is our rental is occupied and we don't have back up for the rental. It was out from 8:30-3:00 and then flickered a few times. Oddly, there are outages all over the county now.

    3. Escalated into a whiteout, blowing around like I've never seen here before

    This whole winter has been like we live somewhere else.

    4. First plow run

    I went out around 1:30, plowed down to the pavement, two plow widths. There is a short in the electrical of the ATV that causes the battery to run down quicker than normal and I did not top it off before the storm. The battery died in our shed when I got back.

    5. Small dog pen

    We have a small pen and a larger fenced area. I first shoveled the small pen at 3:30, there might have been 5 inches. I shoveled again at 7:20pm and there was another 7.5 inches.

    6. Second plow run at 5:45 after charging up a little

    Plowing in the dark is not smart. Sunset today was 6:12, no real sunlight though. I went at 5:45, it was somehow already getting dark and the wind was swirling, covering the windshield with snow. I was constantly reaching around to clear it off.

    7. Early and often

    My plow is small so I have to make multiple runs. Hopefully, I moved enough snow on my two runs that I will be able to clean it up tomorrow after the storm ends. There are a couple of people up here will come plow my road to the extent they can plow uphill (perk of being the fire chief) which helps of course.

    8. Thundersnow!

    On my second plow run, while it was blizzarding there were three cracks of thunder with lightning.

    9. Big work project

    Any gaps in the schedule of snow work, I was on the phone working on a big, day job project.

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