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Create Enthusiasm

Some dude posted this challenge. I'll quote it below.

"The problem addressed in this challenge is the problem of creating enthusiasm. If we are going to get things done it is helpful if the people doing stuff are enthusiastic. What are your ideas for generating enthusiasm? Note that these ideas can be physically challenging, emotionally challenging, or spiritually challenging. The end result would lead, with luck, to enthusiastic people.

This challenge is itself an open-ended challenge."

I dunno if it came up on my end, so I'm just copying it here and so you can read all the dumb stuff I wrote.

    1. Give people lots of drugs.

    People love drugs. They can either take the drugs with the work, like Adderall or afterwards, like weed and booze. Tell them the harder they work, the more fucked up they can get at the end of the day.

    2. Reward people with sex

    People love sex. You could go softball and get them into a strip club or you can go high end and get some prostitutes and recreate that really sad scene at the end of Requiem for a Dream. Watch it. It's super sad.

    3. Create a straw man for people to hate

    For example, there's my coworker Drew who no one likes. He comes around and flips people off. I then use him as motivation to push myself harder because he doesn't believe in me and I want to prove him wrong. People stand united against a common enemy.

    4. Play hardcore gangsta rap music

    Make them feel like an OG. And that what they are doing is super cool, even if they are accountants for like, Wells Fargo or some lame bank like that. Sorry if you work there, but listen to Damn, It Feels Good To Be a Gangsta, I hope that makes you feel better :)

    5. Give the people lots of money

    People love money. If you don't have a lot of money, then play the lottery everyday, pray you win big and then use that money for your company and then become the biggest company ever. I'm pretty sure that's what Elon Musk did.

    6. Point out when people do good

    I learned this from Don't Shoot The Dog, so if it works for dogs, it'll probably work for humans. Whenever a human does something good, tell them, "Good job!" and then give them a heresy kiss or something. Pat them on the head.

    7. Get a celebrity to raise people's hopes

    Like Keanu Reeves, that dude is pretty cool. Get him to come in, full suit, like from John Wick, have him fake shoot someone in the head and then tell him to say, "that person didn't believe in you... but I do." Everyone will go wild.

    8. Post posters of motivational quotes all over the office

    But like, all over. Not just in one or two places. Have them plastered against all the walls, in the bathrooms, outside the building, hire a dude to walk around in a t-shirt that says, "I suck ass, but you are awesome."

    9. Get people to fall in love with your message

    Create a tragic background story for yourself, like your legs were cut off as a baby in a tragic drug deal gone wrong, but through sheer force of will, you forced yourself to grow new legs and now you are devoted to creating new legs for all and do a backflip in every meeting to show you mean business.

    10. Use reverse psychology

    Tell the people, you don't care if they care. You'll never care if they care. It helps if you are their dad.
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