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Creating CLARITY? What is it and how do we make it?

Some about personal development, and some about true clarity!

Creating CLARITY? What is it and how do we make it?

    1. Clarity of your thoughts: manage distractions

    If you are having trouble with a distracting thought or task, write it down, schedule it or take it out of your brain space another way.

    2. Clarity of purpose: write down your annual/weekly/monthly goals and post them where you can always see them

    This way you can consistently review your progress and double check to see if you are still on track.

    3. Clarity in your explanations: write and speak at an eighth-grade level

    4. Clarity in your daily approach: do yoga/stretching early in the day

    This practice can help you remove all of the micro stiffness accumulated throughout the day and during sleep. A flexible body promotes flexible thinking and meditation provides calmness and clarity.

    5. Clarity in your understanding of a topic

    Write down what you learned. Present it to someone else through a conversation, video, blog post or list!

    6. Clarity in editing (any type of editing): remove things until nothing is left to remove.

    7. Clarity in communication: Use tools such as AI, Grammarly or a human editor to shape and clarify your ideas.

    8. Clarity in your worldview: give yourself unstructured time just to let your mind wander

    Let your subconscious organize and process your thoughts. Walking a dog is a great time to get on the dog's wavelength. Don't listen to podcasts or music; just let your mind wander.

    9. Clarity in your headlights

    For yellowed plastic headlights get a selection of sandpaper from (fine) 400-2000 grit (very fine) and a spray bottle of water and paper towels. Gently wet sand the headlights with each grade of sandpaper and wipe off the excess. To finish buff the headlights with some polish and a drill mounted buffing pad.

    10. Clarity in your eyeglasses

    The best way to wash your eyeglasses is to take them to the sink. Wet them and use a drop of liquid soap and wash each lens. This gets rid of all body oils and fingerprints. Rinse and shake dry!

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