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Creating learning Experiences. 11 alternative Places to teach Meaningful lessons.

We are used to teaching and learning in classrooms, but it does not mean that many of those lessons taught are effective. In other words, we may have a lot of information in our short-term memory, but not much moves to the long-term one



What about making an effort to make some lessons more meaningful? The task of the teacher would be to creat learning experiences by having some lessons in different locations.

    1. Supermarket

    A language teacher may go to the supermarket and teach many words. For example: fruits, vegetables, groceries and many others and it would be only about food. What about teaching the words: aisle, stand, or cashier?

    A math teacher may teach about addition or substraction using the products we add to the cart or the ones we decide not to buy.

    2. Museum

    Many of us have visited museum as part of a school trip, but I do not mean this. I mean teaching lessons in one of the rooms of a museum.

    If it is a history museum, the history teacher has the chance to pick a room and use everything in the environment whether they are pictures, objects, or maquettes to help students inmerse themselves in a different era.

    3. Park

    A biology teacher may use the environment to explain about different types of plants, insects or animals. Students will have the opportunity to oberve and touch.

    4. Cinema

    Many of us love watching movies and so do many students. What about taking our students to the cinema so they would talk to other people who also watched the movie regarding its message, actors, photography, music?

    Not only would they reflect on what they saw, but learn to interact with other people.

    5. Office

    In an office, a teacher may teach about professions and what each person in an office does. Students may be able to ask questions to people to learn more about the advantages or disadvantages of each job.

    6. Restaurant

    This is my favorite one. I love foods!

    Students may learn the principles to manage a restaurant, to cook some meals and to deal with customers, for instance. Teachers may ask students to reflect on what they see as pluses and minuses and eventually share the information with the owner.

    7. Car dealership

    Yes, students will learn about cars however, they may learn about sales and customer service.

    8. Airport

    Students may learn about cities, airplanes, and even aviation rules. In an airport, students may be exposed to tourists who may speak other languages. Trying to communicate with them when you do not know the language would be a challenge students will enjoy.

    9. Sport complex

    Students may learn about different sports. For example, they may touch on histrory, champions, rules and current athletes. Furthermore, they may participate in a short practice. Learning about discipline and commitment is always a good idea.

    10. Football stadium

    Teacher may use the location to teach the sport as a way to entertain, to make money, or to distract people from their everyday tasks.

    11. Hotel

    In a hotel, students may be able to interact with tourists and understand the reasons they visit that particular city.

    Teachers may be able to teach about management, customer service and math.

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