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Creative First Dates

For each of these, it likely helps to know a little about the other person. And it might help to communicate. It won't help if one person is expecting a night out on the town and the other wants to spend it in an escape room.


    1. Rent some chairs and hang out at the beach.

    2. Go Fishing.

    Lots of time to sit, talk, and take in nature while still leaving room for silence.

    3. Attend a class together.

    Cooking, painting, ceramics, etc.

    4. Take a hike.

    5. Escape Room

    6. Movie and Dinner.

    Except you rent the theater and have the meal pre-ordered. (Another Noter posted how surprisingly inexpensive renting a private showing can be.)

    7. Game night.

    Each of you propose one or two board games to bring. Might even work well as a double date. Probably best to have a neutral meeting ground like a pub or club.

    8. Meet at the park and just act like kids.

    Ride the merry-go-round. Take turns on the swings. Do the teeter-totter. Eat from a pushcart or bring a picnic.

    9. Scavenger Hunt.

    Some Meet-Up groups host these. Similar to the escape rooms, these can either be a ton of fun or go horribly wrong.

    10. Watch the Sunrise or Sunset together.

    Bring a blanket and some beverages of your choice.

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