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Crucial Benefits Of Exercise & Proper Diet

Lift weights, cut carbohydrate consumption, cut seed oil consumption, skip breakfast, get prudent exposure to the sun, hike on trails.

    1. You will feel better

    As we get older, things hurt a little bit more than when we're younger. At some point aches and pains impede our ability to do things. This naturally increases as we get older until we can do very little for ourselves. Proper diet and exercise staves this off potentially forever.

    2. You will be able to do more

    This can mean athletic activity or things around the house or stamina when traveling, volunteer work, really anything important to you.

    3. You will be able to do what you enjoy to an older age

    Do you like to hike, rock climb, mountain bike, surf, kayak, what? What do you like to do? Are you looking forward to the day you can no longer do that activity?

    "I love to and I can't wait until I'm too infirm to do it any longer" said no one ever.

    4. You will save money by not needing prescriptions

    You will find estimates that Americans take anywhere from 6-10 prescriptions, some of which, like insulin, can be very expensive. Who in their right mind would prefer to spend $2000/mo on medications? Proper diet and exercise is the best shot to avoid this outcome.

    5. You will save time not going to the doctor's office

    Time is the most precious asset we have, no one wants to spend more time at the doctor's office.

    6. You will be independent longer

    No one wants to lose their independence. Loss of muscle mass and bone density makes us fragile and brittle. A simple ground level fall result in loss of independence.

    7. You'll be a more fun grandparent

    No one wants "sorry honey, Grandpa can't do that" to be about them.

    8. The guy in the picture is 93

    At his age would you rather be able bodied doing mostly what you want or would you rather just be able to sit, watching television waiting to die.


    9. Walking the walk

    I'm 56 and arguably look like a fit 40 year old, I have no belly fat and a little bit of muscle mass. I say all the time that if you're doing the work that results in looking younger on the outside, then chances are you're younger on the inside. I promise I have no physical gifts, just the gift of being disciplined to stick with it.


    10. Start now

    The list skews to older people but avoiding frailties, spending a ton on medication, being less physically capable can start earlier than you think. Go to your 25th high school reunion and you'll see that first hand. The best way to prevent those negative outcomes is to start now no matter your age, start now. Every aspect of life becomes easier and better when you're fit, metabolically healthy, able bodied and independent.

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