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Crucial Life Skills

    1. Gratitude

    If you can't be grateful for what you have now. You'll never be happy. If happiness is your goal, start here.

    2. Focus

    Whatever it is you're doing. Focus. Focus allows for better understanding.

    Meditation is all about focus. Calmness comes when we learn to focus.

    Focus determines how we think, feel and act. Are you focusing on problems (angry, think the worst and you'll make a lot of enemies playing the blame game) or solutions (happy /confident, problem solving brain, act in ways that make things better)

    3. Knowledge/learning

    If you're ever left with nothing, you'll always be left with one thing that can help you out, knowlage, or the ability to learn new knowledge.

    Knowledge is what moves us ahead in life. If you want to always be moving forward or have the potential to jump forward, never stop learning.

    4. Problem solve /create

    Put that knowledge to use. Seek problem and create solutions. This is the key to success, creating solutions. The bigger the problem the more success from that comes from solving it.

    5. Make people smile

    If you can make people smile they'll make sure you don't suffer. Make people smile and they'll want you around more.

    Even if you're homeless, make people smile and you'll be on the right path to getting back on track.

    6. Be useful

    It's easy to confuse being nice with being useful. If you're not solving the problem, leave it with someone who can.

    7. Courage

    Growth happens when we have the courage to do the uncomfortable. Train yourself to be more coragus and you'll grow faster.

    8. Give thanks

    Like dogs people respond well to praise. If you want to see them act more in a certain way give thanks and let them know they done well.

    9. Rest

    Push yourself to hard and you'll snap. Make sure you have rest days. In the long run you'll be much more productive as a result.

    10. Have rules

    Have rules that you live by and adjust them as you age.

    We all have a subconscious set of rules (I'll do that, but not that. I don't know why, but my guts telling me to do X). Bringing them to our conscious allows us to see if they are hindering us more than benifiting us.

    You're end goal is to have a unique phylosophy on how to live just before you die.

    By using this method you'll ensure that each new day is better than the last.

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