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Curiosity, Assurance, & Collaboration

    1. Unravel the mystery

    What could be more compelling than trying to unravel the mystery of life?

    To know life, one must know the Self.

    If one has no curiosity about the Self what hope is there?

    Until you say, "oh, I want to know myself." "Why am I here?" "Who am I?" your life can't be fully recognized.

    To know thyself must become a relentless compulsion that is impossible to resist.

    2. No worries

    Every concern, doubt, fear, and worry is the result of being unaware of your true nature.

    If you but knew your true nature you would laugh at the mere notion that you are not cared for.

    You've had the power since day one but you've hidden it in the most unlikely places.

    Being worry-free is not only a possibility, it's your birthright.

    I can tell you all day that you're magnificent and beautiful but you have to see it in yourself first.

    You've beaten yourself up by your own thinking that most of what I say falls on deaf ears.

    3. We're all in this together.

    Once you know, you know.

    Until you know, you know nothing.

    There's only One and One is enough.

    I'm the same kind of different as you.

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