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Current Ambitions

I'll call these ambitions rather than plans or goals because as someone who suffers from chronic depression, I know that I can get derailed by a lack of motivation and external factors that suck away my time and attention. I recently came out of a down cycle and found a zest for life that made me want to take on more and fit more of the following into my life.

    1. Reading

    I might delete a game from my phone and try and use the time on books, or even more intentional web reading.

    2. Writing

    I'm going to try to attend a writer's group 'grind' where they all get together and spend time working on their projects.

    3. Rithmetic - Just kidding, I Mean Coding

    @DrFritzS recommended The Bastard's Book of Ruby as a good tool for writers. I used to code in Ruby and it was the only time I enjoyed coding. I'm skeptical of his assertion that it can be a tool for writers, but if the book lives up to its promise I may be able to automate some tasks at work and make my process more data-driven.

    4. Tracking

    Weighing myself, Logging Sleep Quality/Quantity, Mood

    5. Elder Care

    My mother is in cognitive and physical decline. This area isn't really an interest for me so much as a need.

    6. New Friends

    Make more efforts to connect with adults in my community

    7. Old Friends

    Stay in touch with old friends.

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