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Da Fuk with Twitter?

This is not me loudly quitting Twitter or really even dissecting the problems it appears to be having with its new Carnival Barker in Chief. The trend at Twitter seems to be getting worse at accelerating pace with this being the latest. Who am I kidding, that may not be latest, I have no idea.

I rely on Twitter for work, I am concerned we'll wake up one day it is will just be gone so I am trying to replace what I get from Twitter from other platforms.

    1. How I use Twitter

    My primary use is for my day job, I'm an investment advisor. I get a combination of stock market news, opinions from people I think are smart on that news as well as portfolio construction, pretty much everything related to capital markets and investing. It's more efficient than finding news at WSJ, Reuters, Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance and other individual websites.

    2. How I use Twitter part 2

    I also engage with other pockets or informal communities on there related to diet/exercise, sports, baseball cards, fire service at times, some friends and there are probably others. There are also some very funny accounts I follow like Super 70's Sports and 3 Year Letterman.

    The community aspect of these pockets and Fintwit too for that matter is real and somehow, I see very little of the cesspool part of Twitter.

    3. Replacements if Twitter disappears?

    Like everyone, I've had a Facebook account for many years and have recently added accounts on other platforms. None of them function like Twitter but consistent with my belief in preventing/solving my own problem (Twitter disappearing would be a problem) I am trying figure those platforms out to minimize disruption.

    4. Facebook

    I share stuff to Facebook but I don't really scroll through very often. I muted quite a few friends because they turned out to have extreme political views on both sides that I don't care to see. I get a ton of ads and suggested things from Facebook, so much so that scrolling isn't really a great experience. I can follow all of the work news sources I need but probably I would probably have to visit their FB pages directly versus relying on my news feed. The way FB lays out their pages would probably be more efficient than their websites. Some of the diet/exercise people I follow on Twitter have Facebook pages. I don't think they post there often like they do on Twitter but maybe they'd start of Twitter was gone.

    5. Mastodon

    I love the name but don't really like the site yet. There are good ideas with the layout and different feeds you can see, home, local and federated, but the content beyond the couple of work things I follow is a lot of anti-Twitter stuff, things I have no idea what the poster is talking about and when I load a page there is an absolute avalanche of posts the come in.

    It's clunky with the server situation. The server I started on went down for almost a week. I thought disappeared so I just opened a different account on a different server. There's a way to transfer your account but I was following so few people and so few followers that I wasn't worried about it. My handle there is @randomroger@mstdn.social, follow me and I will follow back. It turns out my first server is going to close up shop, so the one at mstdn.social will be the one going forward....hopefully.

    For now there is zero sense of community. I can meet my primary objective for work when more news organizations open accounts there, but anything else will be slow going if ever.

    6. Post.news

    Very similar to Mastodon but less of an avalanche of posts. Post.news probably has even more anti-Twitter content and a lot more liberal political posts. I am a Libertarian/independent, I can't stand either major party and would rather not see endless posts of this nature.

    For now Post.news might have even less of a sense of community for me than Mastodon but once news organizations open accounts there, I can probably get what I need for work.

    7. What about NotePD?

    NotePD is fun and productive with a definite sense of community, but I don't see news outlets like the Wall Street Journal and others opening accounts here to push out news stories. I'm pretty sure I've said before, I don't think it's a Twitter replacement. Of the other platforms mentioned in this list, hopefully one of them can be.

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