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Daily Questions

Questions you should ask yourself daily to make sure you get the most out of each day.

    1. What did I learn today?

    This will lead to always seeking out new knowledge.

    Writing it down will help with your understanding and help with retention.

    This question makes sure you grow every day. Continueus growth is how I keep depression at bay.

    2. Who did I make smile?

    Making others happy, makes us happy. It gives our lives meaning. It helps build stronger bonds with others.

    3. What an I grateful for?

    Reminding yourself of all the things you have to be greatful for gives you more reasons to be happy. Train yourself to focus on the good.

    4. How do I feel now?

    Asking this question throughout the day allows you to keep track of what leads you to feeling good /bad. Being aware is the first step in living a better life. Messure what matters.

    5. What did I create?

    Creating something each day gives you something to sell.

    Writing a page a day, leads to a book. Drawing each day, leads to beautiful artwork. Music each day leads to the greatest album ever released.

    You don't need to make a finished project each day. As long as you're further ahead each day, you're on the right path.

    6. What have I been focusing on?

    What life are your thoughts forming? If it isn't the best life, what should you shift your focus to?

    7. What time was wasted?

    Was I on my phone too long? Did I laze about and watch too much TV? Labeling these things as wasted time allows you to notice and prevent future wasteage.

    8. Who did I help?

    Helping others brings meaning to life. Knowing you made the world a little better for someone feels good.

    9. Who did I build a stronger relationship with?

    Talk to an old friend. Find out what they are doing. Make friends with someone new. The more connections the more likely you are to find luck and live a happier life.

    10. What could make a good joke?

    I like to write comedy. Being on the lookout for potential jokes will help me become a better comedian.

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