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Dating apps manual

    1. Put in the effort and make it good

    Just like you try to avoid some common mistakes on the first date to make the right impression, it’s the same here.

    2. Define your personality but leave some room for curiosity

    3. Don’t hide your beautiful facial features

    Always choose photos that show your entire face. The whole point is for potential matches to be able to see what you look like, so a photo of you standing at the beach staring at the sunset may not be ideal. If people can’t see what you look like, they might left-swipe you even before going through the rest of your profile.

    4. Add more photos but 9 is not a compulsory number

    5. Don't upload group photos

    You are probably worried sick for two days wondering, “What could be the possible reason behind absolutely zero matches on Tinder profile? Do I look that grumpy?” No, my dear, perhaps your virtual suitors could not identify you from your groufie in a club. Going back to our original point that the person looking at your profile wants to know what you look like, it’s very inconvenient if you upload a photo of yourself with your friends.

    6. Think about who you want to attract

    Your bio is your preview, it’s like the teaser that comes before the movie’s official trailer. Which makes it pretty important. While writing your bio you need to keep in mind your ‘type’. We all have one, it’s basically referring to the kind of person you get attracted to. For some people, it could be a brainiac while for others it might be a career-driven ambitious person.

    7. Don't turn your bio into a laundry list

    Remember that your bio is what will spark interest in the heart of a potential match, which will lead them to read the rest of your profile. Your main purpose for getting into this online platform is to get dates on Tinder right? Then gear up! A boring bio won’t help you get matches.

    8. Link your Instagram

    You might find the idea of strangers stalking you online scary, but it isn’t as bad as it seems. Think of it like this: if they’re visiting your Insta page, they want to know more about you. Besides, just because they see your page and send you a request doesn’t mean you need to accept it.

    9. Don't swipe before giving them a chance

    Now, we come to the matching and unmatching part of Tinder. As mentioned before, a right swipe means that you’ve liked the profile and a left swipe means that you don’t. Based on your right swipes, you get matched to people who right-swipe you back. One thing that is proper Tinder etiquette is that you read the person’s bio before you swipe.

    10. Save your swipe rights for those who deserve it

    There’s this idea that the more people you right swipe, the more chances you have of getting a match. If you right-swipe 10 people, your odds of getting accepted are way more than if you’ve only right-swiped 5 people. This is a TRAP, don’t fall for it!

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