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Days Off Things To Do

Boss gave us an extra long weekend, so I'm off today. What do I want to get done?

Days Off Things To Do

    1. Football games

    Our crew opens the regular season with a game at the newly renovated Hinchliffe Stadium tomorrow. The game will be streamed, and our referee will most likely have a microphone for reporting penalties - totally new for him and us. And, we're getting evaluated by our officiating association, hopefully for post-season games.

    Plus, I have a JV game Monday morning. Far less pressure and may get to have lunch with an officiating friend afterwards.

    2. Nap.

    Early afternoon today, Sunday, and Monday, with any luck.

    3. Take son for haircut

    Usually not a big deal. Today he wants to go to a new barber, not the one in town that he says "gives crappy cuts." So, I have to drive him 40 minutes each way to try a "cool place I saw online."

    Then I realize that gives us a couple hours of time together, and I'm looking forward to it.

    Plus, he'll get some more driving practice (he's on a permit now).

    4. Clean out the car

    As football season starts, I'll be in the car a lot more with travel and waiting.

    It isn't in terrible shape. Empty the trash and empty water bottles. Maybe a quick vacuum. And a spray of air freshener.

    5. Finish football study guide

    Two chapters from the end. One long (penalty enforcement) and one short (the wrap-up).

    6. Stretching & exercise

    7. Shed Pricing / Shopping

    We need a new shed. Need to get the wife in on the discussion. The son wants a double decker where he can set up a mini-shop for his mountain bike. That he doesn't ride. I want a larger one to store stuff from the house as well as the usual lawn mower / snow blower.

    8. Yard Work

    More specifically, oversee the kid for a few things he started and didn't complete - like the cut back forsythia bushes that never made it out to the curb and sit in the back yard.

    9. Puppy time

    Our new puppy, Winston, (a Catahoula Leopard dog mix) needs some training (sit is good, housebreaking is 50/50) plus a good deal of play time. Maybe the dog park?

    10. Something on the grill

    Maybe just burgers and dogs, maybe something more elaborate.

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