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Debates: The ego's playground. (3 min 50 sec)


    1. Reverend Truth Bringer's revival talk.

    Beloved souls, gather 'round and open your hearts. Today, we dive deep into the illusions that bind us and the truth that sets us free. Let's strip away the masks and see the world for what it truly is.
    Debates are nothing but the ego's playground. Structured arguments? Futile attempts to bring illusions to reality. We argue, we debate, but do we ever truly understand the real problem? No. We focus on effects, not causes. We cry over spilled milk without asking why it spilled in the first place. We lament over crumbled cookies without understanding what caused the crumbling.
    Promises of the future? Mere illusions. There's only the eternal now. If I promise you something in the future, what happens if another crisis hits? Those promises vanish. Notice how debates are two parties presenting opposing viewpoints. From a time and space level, it's a glitch in the matrix that the sleeping mind simply cannot see.
    People come from different backgrounds and experiences, leading to diverse viewpoints on the same issue. How is this ever going to work? It doesn't. It hasn't. Look at the world. Opposing viewpoints clash. They can't both be entirely true at the same time. Each viewpoint has its own set of arguments and evidence. But what does this accomplish? Absolutely nothing.
    Debates fall under the ego's thought system. We're one, so there's no one to debate other than yourself. There's only one Truth: God's eternal love. There's nothing to debate. Presidential debates and all conflicts are mere distractions. We hope the next president will solve our deep ontological fears, but it hasn't worked since George Washington. What makes us believe it will work now?
    We believe that solving climate change, economic stability, healthcare access, and other issues will bring happiness. But we've never been able to solve these problems. If we do, more crop up. It's a juggling act where all the balls will eventually be dropped.
    Our only real problem is our belief in separation from each other. If we truly believed that your pain is my pain, all the so-called problems of the material world would be solved overnight. But we don't believe that. We suffer and look to people, places, and things outside us to make us feel better.
    There is no universal ideology that we will all agree on. Our opposing ideas are like two ships passing in the night—never shall they meet. We place more faith and hope in presidential candidates and our political system than we do in God. God created us and is the Source of everything, yet we thumb our noses at God while placing all our chips on the ego's thought system.
    Beloved, the path to true peace lies not in debates, promises, or external solutions. It lies in recognizing our oneness, embracing God's eternal love, and letting go of the ego's illusions. Only then will we find the peace that surpasses all understanding.
    Let us awaken from the dream of separation. Let us see through the ego's illusions and embrace the eternal now. Together, we can transcend the futile debates and find true unity in God's love. Amen.
    I am sorry.
    Please forgive me.
    Thank you.
    I love you.
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