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Decisions in Candle Making

I've been experimented with candle making off and on for the past year or so. Mostly as a hobby. Although I have given a little consideration to chandlery as a tiny side hustle.

Decisions in Candle Making

    1. What Type of Candle to Make?

    Taper candles and container candles are the two major types, although others exist.

    2. Advantages of Container Candles

    These are by far the most popular in the consumer market. They are also easier to make and to use.

    3. Disadvantages of Container Candles

    While containers can be recycled for home or hobby use, they would have to be sourced and add considerable expense to the production of candles for sale.

    4. Advantages of Taper Candles

    They often will add more ambience and more completely consume the wax used to produce them. (Usually). They also are a more traditional type of candle.

    5. Disadvantages of Taper Candles.

    They take longer to make. This can be alleviated somewhat by using molds instead of dipping. But this causes the production to take up more space and equipment. This combines to create a much lower level of production.

    6. Deciding on Type of Wax to Use.

    Soy, paraffin, beeswax, and even tallow all have advantages and disadvantages. I mostly use Soy based solely on availability but need to experiment with beeswax more.

    7. Economy of Scale is Difficult to Achieve

    I'm not even close to break even on production costs of a container candle compared to what I believe it could be sold for. Cheaper acquisition of materials and increased quantity and quality of production are two areas that affect this.

    8. Are Custom Candles a Thing?

    Yes. I know that they are but how to go about marketing that? And what might it include? Type / color of wax used? Size? Added fragrances? Type / Size of container?

    9. If this became a side hustle, would it be worthwhile to include accessories?

    Candle sticks. Wax melters. Etc.

    10. Ways to Market Different Candles.

    Daily use. Romantic Use. Emergency use. Outdoor use. Each of these could require a different recipe and production process.

    11. This list is not complete.

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