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Decluttering as a Lifestyle: Tips to Practice Everyday

Decluttering your house and life can seem like a daunting task, and it's easy to fall into the habit of never getting started.


    1. Let go of this old habit: feel like you have to declutter your entire house, so you never start.

    2. Let go of this old habit: feel like you have to declutter an entire room, so you never start.

    3. New Habit: put something/anything/at least one thing where it should when you see it every day outside of a designated 15 minute practice.

    4. Take things that are laying out back to where it should go

    5. If you don't have a place, determine if you are keeping it/giving it. If you are keeping, put it in the most logical place you'd like to keep it and as the days/weeks/months go by you'll have like things in one spot to organize.

    6. When you open a drawer and see something that shouldn't be there do #5

    7. When you use something on one of your bathroom cabinet shelves, get rid of one thing you aren't using or do #5

    8. Piles on counters, pick up the to thing and do #5

    9. Pantry/food cabinets. If you see something that's old and you're keeping it just in case but know you aren't going to eat old items anyway, get rid of it

    10. Unsubscribe from promotional email that comes in on your phone immediately when you know you don't need it.

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