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Dentist! (Oral trouble)

Hello folks!

I am a dental graduate student from india who don't have any interest in practice dentistry.

Can anyone suggest me some ideas and job opportunities in dental field (exclude dental practice)

This would be helpful for me and also other people who is not interested in clinical dentistry.

    1. Dental CAD/CAM

    I think there is a lot of job opportunities in this field.

    2. Dental 3D printing

    I know some people who are doing this but I don't know if there is a lot of job opportunities in this.

    3. Dental Cementation

    There are many people who have fillings on their teeth. You can cement those fillings and make the tooth stronger. There's a lot of business opportunity here I think.

    4. Dental Implantation

    You can implant artificial teeth into the empty spaces where natural teeth have fallen out or have been removed. There's good money to be made here I am sure.

    5. Dental Research (in areas like stem cell research, etc)

    There's a lot of research that needs to be done in the dental field but it requires expertise in fields like stem cell research and other fields that are not dentistry-specific. This could be an opportunity for someone who wants to work in the dental field but doesn't want to practice dentistry directly.
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