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Describe Your Ideal Life In Only 10 Words

    1. I would be happy

    2. I would travel the world

    3. I would write every day

    4. I would have great relationships with my family and friends

    5. I would be in good health

    6. I would learn something new every day

    7. I would spend quality time with my kids. (if i had any)

    (which i don't have kids but if i did i think this is important)

    I always regret when people say to me, "you should really get to know your kids when they are young."
    Well, they are young now but I am not getting to know them because of all the reasons listed above about how busy life is for me right now. So...I will regret it later on when they are older and gone from home and wish that we spent more time together when we were both younger and healthier and had more energy to do things together.
    Which is why, again, if I ever have kids (which seems unlikely given my current lifestyle choices) then this is what i want for myself if i were to ever become a father someday :).
    1 kid at a time! But yes, quality time with each one every day if possible even if it's just 30 minutes or an hour or whatever amount of time you can spare as long as it's quality time (as opposed to just being on your phone while your kid is doing something). And then later on down the road hopefully you can look back at those moments as some of the best times in your life (instead of regrets).  The key word here is "IF".

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