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Did duality originate from God, or was it created by us? (1 min 45 sec)

    1. Duality (the experience of opposites like good/bad, happy/sad) isn't God's creation.

    This dualistic world is not real but merely an illusion that we have created in our minds. It is a projection of our own thoughts and beliefs, which have their root in the ego's fear-based thinking.

    2. God is One and all is good.

    God is the only reality, pure love, and oneness. Duality wouldn't or couldn't exist in this state.

    3. The ego's illusion.

    The ego is the source of duality. It creates the illusion of separation from God and introduces the concept of opposites.

    4. Misperception of oneness.

    We misperceive our oneness with God and create a seemingly separate self. This separate self experiences the world in terms of duality.

    5. God (Oneness) is like a vast, calm ocean, God's perfect love and unity.

    6. Ego (Separation) is like a rock thrown into the ocean creating ripples and disturbances.

    This is the ego's introduction of duality.

    7. Truth doesn't deny the experience of duality in the physical world.

    However, it emphasizes that it's not the true reality. The goal is to transcend duality and awaken to the underlying oneness of all things.
    God, being perfect love and oneness, does not create duality. The true reality is "Heaven" or "Oneness," and is beyond all concepts of duality. It is a state of pure unity, love, and peace, where there is no opposition, conflict, or difference.
    And you don't have to believe any of this.
    I am sorry.
    Please forgive me.
    Thank you.
    I love you
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