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Disadvantages of the US medical system

We all know there are a number of disadvantages to the way the US does healthcare.

    1. Health insurance tied to jobs

    Most Americans have their healthcare tied to their employer. Which limits their choice of healthcare providers.

    Which is also connected to...

    2. Cost of health insurance

    It is expensive to get health insurance on your own, which is why most people get health insurance through their employer.

    3. Cost of care

    Even with health insurance you are still going to pay money out of your own pocket for care. And depending on your condition you could be paying alot.

    4. Confusion

    You have a lot of different health options. Where do you go to get help? How do you know if where you are going is high quality?

    Is the place you are going 'in-network' or 'out of network'

    Sometimes less choices makes life easier.

    Different states provide different care. Some states have higher quality health care than others.

    5. Hospitals generally cannot turn people away

    This is a plus and a minus. This changed during covid, but in normal times hospitals could not turn patients away, which could lead to high wait times even for small issues.

    6. Complexity

    The medical billing system is really complex. This leads the government to waste money on healthcare. It takes time away from medical professionals treating patients.

    Patients get frustrated because they do not understand the costs of the care they are receiving.

    7. Cost of drugs

    Drug manufacturers are creating new drugs all the time. They spend a lot to develop these drugs and then pass that cost on to the consumer.

    Cancer drugs may be available, but can the cancer patient actually afford that medication?

    8. Regulation

    It takes a long time to develop new treatments.

    There are a shortage of medical professionals because there are high barriers to entry.

    9. Rich V. Poor

    There is a wide difference in care between wealthy and poor people.

    10. Mother nature

    The medical sector uses a massive amount of resources: energy, products and raw materials.

    It is important to save people's lives. But we also need to live on an inhabitable planet. The health sector like all of the other sectors needs to become more 'green'.

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