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Discovering Inner Alchemy: Turning Desires into Gold. (1 min 56 sec)


    1. Internal change and attracting what you need.

    When you change inside, things on the same wavelength come to you naturally. No need to chase.
    Sometimes, when you get what you want, it may not satisfy you anymore. People might find this hard to understand.

    2. Seeking the Kingdom Within.

    Matthew 6:33 in the Bible says to seek the Kingdom of God first, which means looking within yourself.
    When you do this and follow what's right, everything you need will come to you. It's that simple.

    3. The alchemical transformation.

    The "sorcerer's stone" can turn ordinary "base metals," people, into "gold," symbolizing a higher, perfected self.
    Base metals like aluminum and copper are seen as less valuable, while "dross" represents our lower nature or vices.

    4. The quest for perfection and oneness.

    "Helios" means light or sun, representing the inner light or Christ Consciousness within you.

    5. Discovering the divine within.

    The "tincture" symbolizes the divine life within your soul. The natural man represents the lower mind, while the new man is the transformed personality, akin to gold.

    6. The alchemical elements.

    Alchemists use terms like "sulfur" (desires and passions), "salt" (reasoning of the lower mind), and "Mercury" (the spirit within) for transformation.

    7. Personal growth and understanding come from within, and it's a process of turning ordinary thoughts and desires into something higher, like gold.

    Seeking the Kingdom within ourselves is the key to finding what we truly need in life.
    I am sorry.
    Please forgive me.
    Thank you.
    I love you.
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