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Divine Love vs Human Love (1 min 38 sec read)

Human love is not love at all.

    1. What do humans call love?

    Humans are into specialness but not love.
    You treat your wife, husband, or child special because in your mind you've designated them with specialness.
    You will do everything imaginable to feed, clothe, and house your family.
    However, you could care less about my daughter or any member of my family.
    We could be homeless and you'd have no trouble getting a good night's sleep.

    2. This may come as shocking to you but Love Includes Everyone.

    Love includes everyone equally.
    Divine Love leaves no one out.
    Specialness leaves everyone out except the special ones.
    We are the receivers of unconditional love every moment but simply aren't aware of it.
    You may be experiencing Real Love from someone right now and be totally oblivious to Love's Presence.

    3. Specialness has it backwards.

    Specialness believes that a person or thing is unique, superior, or extraordinary in some way.
    Specialness believes that some people are deserving of special treatment or attention.
    Specialness says you are special because of your talents, achievements, status, personal qualities, or characteristics.
    Specialness breeds more separation.
    Feelings of entitlement, superiority, and unrealistic expectations are the outgrowth of specialness.

    4. Love is freedom.

    Love is me freeing you from the scripts that I have made for you and that you didn't ask for.
    Love says there's nothing you have to do or say for me to be happy.
    Love says there is nothing you need to be or to become for me to love you.
    You may be special to many people but do they really love you?
    Since what I say here has nothing to do with power, money, physical pleasure, or wanting to be treated special most readers are not interested.
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