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Do Schools Kill Creativity ? 10 IDEAs to transform the education system from uniformity to personalized education

Our son is very practical about school, always asking why he has to learn things he'll never have to use. Good question. These ideas are meant for grades 5 or 6 and above; elementary school is for building basic skills. If a student is a prodigy at that level, then they should get special dispensation to learn at their ability level.

Only came up with eight today... more later if they occur to me.

Do Schools Kill Creativity ?
10 IDEAs to transform the education system from uniformity to personalized education

    1. Divide classes by learning style

    Test and identify how students learn. Give teachers specialized training on how to teach to the student's learning style. Assign classes by learning style. Then the teacher can teach the whole class that way, versus trying to be all things to all students and failing most of them.

    2. Ignore Grade levels for taking classes

    If a student is advanced in geometry, for example, let them take higher level classes even if it is a grade or two above their age.

    3. Tie Learning into "Real World" activities

    How does history affect you now? Why is math important for setting up and maintaining a budget?

    4. Have Independent Study on Subjects of Personal Interest

    Tied into what they're learning... Minecraft game as a construction project including planning, customer relations (teacher as customer), math, etc. And fighting off the creatures who represent building inspectors, government fee collectors, etc (LOL!).

    5. Allow & Encourage Independent Study if student interests don't fall into an available class.

    A student wants to learn Sanskrit but it isn't offered anywhere? Cool. Lets find a way to get you "learned up" on it.

    6. Bring In Real Experts

    Have real world professionals come into the schools to teach how their learning ties into the real world.

    One of our son's teachers is a real life architect, so when he's learning CAD (this year) he's learning from someone who has used it in the real world.

    7. (US) Get the Federal Government out of education

    And stop the "teaching to the test" that they've been doing for a long time. Teach to the student, please.

    8. Eliminate automatic teacher tenure

    Too easy after getting tenure to "go along to get along" and become mechanical in instruction and in dealing with students. In all candor, this comes from our son's teachers during the lock down.

    In the most extreme education situation those kids ever faced, some (too many) teachers had NO flexibility. Real world demands it... so should education.

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