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Nicola Fisher


Do you believe that ghosts are real? Have you ever had a paranormal experience?

    1. Yes!

    2. My Dad heard my Mum call his name

    After my Mum died, and we both sold our houses and bought one together, my Dad heard my Mum calling him several times. My Dad died 2.5 years after my Mum.

    3. My Mum saw people when she was nearing the end

    She told us that she saw people at the end of her bed in my parents' old house. This is known as a common sign when people are dying.

    4. Items moved

    Both my Mum and Dad, but especially my Dad, were interested in the here after. They had things move in the house regularly. Once a hanging display unit fell off the wall but all the items - glass - remained intact.

    5. Footsteps

    After my Dad died, for a while we had footsteps around the house, bumps upstairs.

    6. Signs

    Sometimes I'll mentally say to my Dad, show me a sign that you're around. I'd done this once when we travelled to Harrogate. I drove round a corner and there was a house opposite with a big house name sign - Alver. My Dad was Alan, my Mum Vera and their first house was called Alver. It was a thing back in the 60s to combine names for a house name!

    7. Other stuff

    I'm sure there are lots of other instances I will remember later but yes, I do believe in ghosts although I wouldn't necessarily call them ghosts. I think we all retain connections with people we've loved. It's just energy and we are all plugged into the same network.

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