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Do you need Insurance?

If you save enough money you can self insure.

But otherwise most people will need insurance to protect themselves and their families if something bad happens.

    1. Car Insurance

    If you own a car you definitely need car insurance. States require it to drive anywhere.

    2. Home Insurance

    If you own a home it is a good idea to protect it.

    3. Renters insurance

    Protect your possessions inside your home.

    4. Catastrophe insurance

    Primarily flood and earthquake insurance.

    5. Travel insurance

    If something happens to you overseas this could come in handy.

    6. Long-term care insurance

    Everyone gets old. This will give you a cushion in old age.

    7. Health insurance

    Everyone will visit a doctor at some point.

    8. Disability insurance

    If you get hurt on the job or for some reason cannot perform your job.

    9. Term life insurance

    Don't do any other form of life insurance.

    Term insurance is for a set number of years and costs a set amount each month.

    10. Commercial business insurance

    If you have any type of business you should consider this.

    11. Malpractice insurance

    If you are any type of professional you should consider this.

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