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Do you want to be President?

People always ask children if they want to be President. Having power sounds fun. But the reality of something is usually much different than the idea.

Being a doctor is about 50% paperwork rather than healing.

Being a teacher is often more like babysitting than teaching.

Being an athlete comes with a lot of injuries.

    1. To reach the President level you will have to spend many years campaigning on the road

    That means missing family events. Staying at hotels. Talking to a lot of different people. Asking people for their vote and money etc.

    2. Raising money

    You better get comfortable asking people for money. Lobbyist and ordinary people.

    3. Sending troops into harm

    The US has never had a president that has not lost troops. And the president is the one that ordered them over there and must call their family.

    4. Reading

    Most of the President have to spend a lot of the time reading dry material about foreign policy.

    5. Never alone

    The President is responsible for the nuclear missiles and has someone near him at all times with the briefcase. The President is always surrounded by people.

    And we cannot forge the press. They are never satisfied.

    6. People hate you

    A third of people will love you. A third will hate you. A third will be indifferent.

    7. Politics

    The President is the leader of his party. They need to be thinking about votes at all times. Electing people and getting their agenda through Congress.

    8. Speeches

    You better love public speaking. Reading, writing and practicing giving speeches.

    9. You are responsible for the country

    If the countries goes into a recession you are responsible.

    10. Negotiating

    A lot of being president is about negotiating with your team, members of congress, foreign leaders, NATO etc. Also meeting foreign leaders is a big part of being President.

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