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Don't Forget About The Emotion of Retiring

The catalyst for this post is the following article that talks about some of the emotional challenges of retiring but doesn't suggest what to do, it actually just says "Prepare as best you can—and do so as early as you can."

    1. Start now

    The author is right about starting early. The best time to prevent a problem is before you have the problem. Depending on the particulars of your work situation, leaving could be the best thing or result in a loss of identity and/or purpose. Figure out where you fall on that spectrum.

    2. Do more things you think are interesting and fun

    I wrote a list about this yesterday

    3. Hobbies

    If you have hobbies already, how can grow your involvement/interest in your hobbies, hopefully you have more than one? If you don't really have any, I might ask myself why that is and do my best to change that.

    4. Learn new things

    This can be online or taking a class in person but make a commitment to yourself to learn about a new topic. Self-teaching is of course valid but committing to a class of some sort adds a little structure to your day which will be better for some people.

    5. Volunteer

    I don't mean like an hour a week somewhere, although that is better than nothing, I mean all in where you play a role in determining outcomes.

    6. Exercise

    People will disagree but I've researched the hell out of this, lifting weights with high intensity is beneficial for everyone. Cardio does not build muscle mass and we need muscle mass to avoid becoming frail in old age.

    7. Go hiking

    OK, this is also a form of exercise but time near trees, walking on rocks and getting sun are all very important for health in a way that although similar to exercise is different.

    8. Find an artistic or creative outlet.

    This can be writing, taking pictures and filtering them on Instagram, anything where you create something.

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