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Don't Lose Your Sh*t

One of my hard drives just died. I had a backup that hard drive, but the backup did not have all the files that were on the original drive, the backup had about 90% of the data.

I'm in the process of recovery the lost data that I had, but it is an annoying and long process.

Here is my new process to make sure that I do not lose data in the future.

    1. Computer hard drive

    This is the first spot where I say information. The most important information I care about are my critical personal documents and photos.

    2. Cloud

    Amazon, Microsoft, Google. Take your pick. But upload a copy of your important information to some place in the cloud. Amazon offer free unlimited photo storage.

    3. Hard Drive 2

    This is where I keep a copy of individual files that are on my computer.

    4. Hard Drive 3

    This is where I keep a total backup file of the computer hard drive and then hard drive 2. May also keep another with a copy of individual files, just in case.

    5. Print of physical copies

    I know this is a pain. But it documents or photos are really important than it is not a bad idea to keep a physical copy of the information someplace safe. Safety deposit box, safe, random box in your closet. Whatever works for you.

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