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from a lifetime of professional activity.

    1. Digitization of all historical records

    From a career/profession that was entirely paper based for more than 30 years. Overwhelming when you think about it, but planning for only what is relevant or mandated records. It’s amazing how many records are mandated by governments at all levels. Original proofs are permanently kept.

    2. Removal of outdated technical books and tools

    Being an early adopter means today’s technologies were built on those shoulders. It feels like this is expanding exponentially.

    3. Archiving

    There are almost too many physical originals/records to archive even after spending about six months filtering 40 years of records. Warehousing space needed.

    4. Keeping only the best of the best

    Value judgments. Appraisals.

    5. Accurate assessments of hazards to archived materials

    Mitigation of hazards.

    6. What should be left as an organized legacy?

    What might be learned by descendants?

    7. Digital records can disappear

    Memories stored digitally may erase the stories.

    8. Project scope of work needs to be done sooner rather than later

    Will need to allocate necessary time blocks to accomplish.

    9. Once completed, it is no longer left for others to deal with

    Except they will be dealing with a curated archive 😂 and won’t know ALL the stories, happenings, people and facts.

    10. More quality time. Exit strategy planned.

    Live every minute. Let go of the unnecessary. You never realize how captive you are in a profession until it’s time to leave it in the past!

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