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Drums wisdom. Again.

    1. Drumsticks

    Start big and go small. Later. If needed. It will train your hand and give you a chance to understand your sound.

    2. Invest in good cymbals.

    It's easy to improve your cheaper drums sound later but it's impossible to improve the cymbals when they are shitty. Drums are going to sound more or less fine if they are not physically destroyed (which means tuneable) but the cymbals that sound like a kitchen pan are a disaster.

    3. A durable and stable pedal is enough, you don't need to go with a top level model.

    It just has to stand the constant stress and keep stability so it won't turn shaky, so when you play the foot will not swing on it.

    4. Play along whatever you like, always, don't wait to be immediately ready.

    Play on pillows, just try to reproduce the drum part in the way you can. Right now. It's ok. Have fun in the first place. You can break it down later.

    5. Yes, drummers are time keepers, you have to play for the song, sit in the song, blah blah blah, be in the pocket.

    Yes but no. The drum is a musical instrument, the same as others. You have the right to produce the music and not just a rhythm. Don't listen to this BS so deeply.

    6. For me, drum sticks are similar to the magic wands.

    They chose the drummer. Your perfect pair will find you for sure, sooner or later.

    7. No other instrument gives you the same ability to burn the calories as the good game of basketball.

    Maybe an upright bass, because carrying it around the city on the way to rehearsal is the equivalent of powerlifting but...

    8. There is no such a thing as a cymbal(s) for a certain music type.

    It relates to the cymbal series as well as the cymbal type. Chose whatever you want as long as it's not a kitchen pan mentioned above.

    9. The drum stool is your throne. Literally.

    Once you have a proper one, you are the king since then. You can rule the world.

    10. Your neighbours will always hate you. No worries.

    You will find the love in the face of your pleased audience later.

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