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Duties and Responsibilities of Being a Citizen

We all live somewhere. We all are part of communities and societies bigger than ourselves. Part of the social construct requires it's members to have duties and responsibilities to each other. These are a few that I consider to be the most important.

Duties and Responsibilities of Being a Citizen

    1. Obey the law.

    And accept the consequences if you choose not to.

    2. Pay Taxes

    Yes. This one is onerous. But it is a safe bet that each of us receive services of some kind provided by the community or government. These are not free.

    3. Respecting the Rights of Others

    The 80s is frequently referred to as the "Me" generation, but it seems to me that our society was far more respectful then than we are today in our supposedly more supportive and accepting time.

    4. Being Informed

    Specifically of things and events effecting your community and those around them.

    5. Being a part of your community

    Give back.

    6. Voting.

    The system only works when you do your part.

    7. Government Service

    Serving in the Military, the Peace Corps, the public sector, or maybe a non-government organization which shares the goals of proper governance.

    8. Jury Duty

    Another duty that most would rather shirk. But what is the alternative? All powerful Judges as sole deciders? Or a permanent and career juror cast who collectively sits in judgement of "those people" Citizens doing jury duty may be the best bad option.

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