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Ego's Questions, Spirit's Answers. (6 min 10 sec)


    1. A small crowd gathers in the town square.

    Bob, one of the locals, asked some thought-provoking questions. After he poses his questions to the preacher he turns and walks away from the gathering.

    1. "Why did God allow Hitler to kill 6 million Jews?"
    Right perception:  The notion that God "allows" or "lets" tragic events happen implies that God is directly responsible for human suffering. God is pure love and does not create or condone suffering. The world we perceive is an illusion, a dream of separation from God. In this illusion, violence and suffering can seem to occur. God is proof that only love exists.
    2. "Why does God let normal, healthy, innocent children die of natural disasters and severe diseases?"
    Right perception: Similar to point 1, these events are part of the illusion. Nothing God creates dies. There is no death or suffering.  To an untrained mind, this seems highly improbable. On the contrary, God is deeply interested in our spiritual awakening and reunion with Him.
    3. "God is disinterested in human affairs. And if he is disinterested in human affairs, why would anybody worship him?"
    Right perception: God is ever-loving and cares for what He creates. However, the concept of worship is an ego-driven desire for external validation from God. True connection with God comes from within. God's love is constant and unchanging.
    4. "Why should we worship God when the Father doesn't care if we die?" 
    Right perception: As mentioned before, God's love is constant, and the concept of worship can be reframed as seeking a connection with God.

    2. Randall, the preacher, had this to say.

    Randall: "Bob is a classic example of what I'm talking about. He asked some very hard, very serious questions. And before he even allowed me to answer, he walked away. Is that being open-minded? No, he didn't ask a question. He made a point. But he disguised it in the form of a question. That is intellectual dishonesty."
    Right perception: Randall's accusation of intellectual dishonesty of Bob is a judgment. Our emphasis should be on non-judgment and forgiveness. Labeling someone's question as dishonest is not a very helpful approach.
    Randall: "When we say that God is all-powerful, we do not mean that everything that happens is God's will."
    Right perception: God's will for us is perfect happiness, peace, and love. There is only one will, which is God's will, and it is always done. Our true will is always aligned with God's will. God creates us and we are an extension of His perfect love. The perception of separate wills, or the idea that our will can be different from God's, is an illusion created by the ego. God's will is already done. It is not a matter of waiting for God's will to be fulfilled in the future, but recognizing that it is already accomplished in the eternal present. Our task is to awaken to this truth.
    Randall: "The all-powerful God chose to limit his power by creating us with free will."
    Right Perception: God has already established the curriculum, which is the plan for our awakening and return to oneness with Him. This curriculum is based on love, forgiveness, and the recognition of our true nature as created by God. It is not something we can negotiate because it's the truth of our being.
    However, our free will comes into play in deciding how much of this curriculum we are willing to accept and learn at any given time. We can choose to resist the lessons of love and forgiveness, or we can embrace them wholeheartedly. We can decide to cling to the ego's illusions or to release them and accept the truth of our oneness with God.
    Our free will, then, is exercised in the willingness to learn and apply the lessons presented to us. We can choose to take on as much or as little as we feel ready for at any particular time. The speed of our progress is determined by our receptivity to the teachings of love and forgiveness.
    It's not about creating our own reality but about choosing how we experience the reality that's already there. The goal is to transcend the "curriculum" altogether and awaken to the eternal love that underlies everything.
    Randall: "So if I walk up to a woman, smack her beautiful face, and then turn to you and say, God made me do it. I'm a liar. I'm a con artist. God gave me a hand for a purpose, a purpose, to respect her and to love her. But because I have free will, if I choose to abuse this hand, turn it into a fist, and instead crash it into her beautiful face, I'd have the audacity to say, God made me do it. I'm a liar. And I'm a con artist."
    Right perception: Randall's example of smacking someone's face and blaming it on God reinforces the idea of God as a punitive and controlling figure in the sky. God is unconditional love and nothing else. Randall's use of the terms "con artist" and "liar" to describe someone who blames their actions on God is a form of attack and judgment. This is not in line with God's principles of forgiveness and peace. Randall's overall tone of his town hall conversation focuses on the external world and human behavior, rather than on the inner world of the mind.
    I am sorry.
    Please forgive me.
    Thank you.
    I love you
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