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Elements of an Idea Job or Business for Me

This is just me thinking out loud about what I want to do for a living in the upcoming years. I may have overlooked important factors when deciding what I want out of a career or business, so feel free to add anything I missed!

Elements of an Idea Job or Business for Me

    1. It Has to Be Based on a Skill That I either Know Well or That I Can Learn Quickly Enough to Professionally Viable at a Basic Level (Under 6 Months – 1 Year)

    It may also be based on a combination of skills that aren't common in the current job market.

    2. It Has to Be a Craft That I Enjoy Enough to Willingly Grind at for at Least 8 Hours a Day for 5-7 Days a Week for at Least Several Months at a Time Before I Require a Longer Break to Avoid Burnout

    This includes both hours working for clients or on projects as well as hours dedicated to studying the craft to get to the next level. There are many professionals who have worked for 20+ years but only have 5 years of real experience in their field due to complacency. In an ideal job, I would enjoy studying my craft for it's own sake. At least that's what I tell myself.

    3. The Work Has to Be in a Sector That Has a Decent to Strong Demand Which Has Paint Points That Aren’t Properly Addressed by Existing Options

    The easiest way to find a niche is to find the inconveniences or other pain points that people are willing to pay to eliminate.

    4. It Has to Be in a Field Where I Can Service Large Amounts of Clients at a Low Price or a Small Amount of Rich Clients Who Are Willing to Pay More for Personalized Service

    I'd probably start in the former category and move to the latter one as I gain experience and expertise.

    5. It Has to Be a Business That I Can Scale Without Hiring Employees to Work Under Me. More Employees Can Increase Productivity, but Will Also Increase Headaches and Expenses if I Hire the Wrong People.

    I would have to do nearly everything in the beginning anyway to even understand what good work is supposed to look like before I take a chance on hiring others. Having more employees also increases drama if I decide to make drastic changes in the business.

    6. Flexibility to Move the Work With Me if I Choose to Live in a Different Area

    If I decide to move to a different area, it shouldn't take me too long to set up operations and get back to work.

    7. Probably Internet Based Since That Gives Me the Most Flexibility, Especially if I Move to the Middle of Nowhere Where It’d Be Difficult to Serve Individual Clients in Person

    This ties in to #6.

    8. Something That Would Be Very Difficult for Artificial Intelligence to Execute at a High Level (At Least for a While)

    One of the things that I fear for in the near future is the eventuality of AI tools replacing the need for human work. The ideal kind of work is something that Artificial Intelligence won't be able to execute at a high level for at least a few more years.

    9. High Level of Control Over My Work

    This means not being micromanaged while working as well as high flexibility over the hours I work. Anyone who worked in a call center will know how bad micromanagement can get . Even bathroom breaks are tracked and deducted from your pay! Even while I’m grinding away, I still need time to rest and recover as well as take care of responsibilities unrelated to the work or business.

    10. The Work Will Facilitate a Low Stress Lifestyle

    A certain amount of stress is unavoidable, especially in the beginning, during times of unusually high or low demand, and times that I decide to scale the business up (or down). With this said, I shouldn’t regularly feel existential dread before, during, and after the workday. This will lead to burnout and significant health problems down the road.

    11. Have the Option to Phase Myself Out of an Active Role or Sell the Company if I Decide I Had Enough

    This is related to having a low stress lifestyle. Having a viable exit plan would make the job or business feel less like a burden I’m forced to bear in order to maintain a certain standard of living.

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