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Steve Alvest


Epic ways to die

Inspired by an article my wife sent me about an old couple in their 90's dying within minutes of each other in the hospital surrounded by family. That's epic and it's how I'd like to go out. We will all die eventually, and I find that I fear it less as I get older. If you could choose, how would you want to die?


    1. Tackling an active shooter

    2. Pushing a child out of the way of an oncoming truck

    3. Rescuing people and pets out of a burning building

    4. Throwing yourself onto a bomb before it goes off

    5. Volunteering to be one of the first colonists of Mars

    6. Going on a suicide mission behind enemy lines

    7. Testing an experimental medical treatment or surgery on yourself

    8. Dying as a martyr because you refuse to give in to social pressure to do what's right

    9. Settling your debts, saying your goodbyes, leaving your legacy, and disappearing into the wilderness

    10. Dying with your spouse in old age and surrounded by your kids and grandkids

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