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erp software for steel tube industry

    1. AutoCAD

    One of the first things I learned in architecture school was how to program in AutoCAD. AutoCAD is a drawing program used by architects, engineers, and designers. Every building you see has been drawn on AutoCAD at some point.
    AutoCAD is one of the few software programs that has survived from the 80s. It's a bit clunky but it works for simple drawings.

    2. 3D Modeling - Cinema4D or Maya

    I studied 3D modeling for animation when I was younger. The two most popular programs are Maya and Cinema4D (made by Autodesk).

    3. 3D Modeling - Blender

    A lot of people use Blender instead of Maya or Cinema4D because it's free and open source. But it takes a while to learn all the features.

    4. Web Design / HTML / CSS / Javascript - basically everything you need to know about creating websites.

    I've always been terrible at web design but there are many online courses to teach you how to do it well enough to build your own website or at least make simple changes on existing websites (like changing the color scheme on your Twitter profile). Here are some good ones: https://learnwebdevelopment.online/best-website-development-courses-for-beginners/https://learnwebdevelopment.online/best-website-development-courses-for-beginners/https://learnwebdevelopment.online/best-website-development-courses-for-beginners/

    5. Social Media Marketing - use Canva and other tools to make good looking posts for Facebook, Twitter, etc..

    Canva is a great tool where you can choose from templates for different social media platforms and easily make nice looking posts using pictures from their stock photo library or your own photos stored in Dropbox or Google Drive (or whatever). There are also other similar tools out there like Pablo by Buffer, Postci, etc..

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