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Escape the Trap House of the Ego and Find True Freedom! (1min 44 sec read)


    1. Imagine Planet Earth as a trap house, where the "truth distorters" of the ego reside.

    They lure us in with false beliefs about ourselves and the world, promising a sense of security and validation.
    They trap us in cycles of fear, pain, guilt, and misery, keeping us stuck and disconnected from our true essence of love and innocence.

    2. Think of the people you know who live in this trap house of the ego.

    They may be consumed by addiction, anger, or depression. 
    They may be trapped in cycles of unhealthy relationships or self-destructive behaviors. 
    They may lash out at others or withdraw into isolation, unable to see the light of Truth beyond their own pain.

    3. But the Truth needs no defending. It shines like a beacon of hope, even in the darkest corners of the trap house.

    When we open ourselves to this truth, we realize that we are not defined by our past mistakes or current struggles. 
    We are pure and innocent, created in the image of love itself.

    4. It's not easy to break free from the trap house of the ego.

    It takes courage to face our fears and confront the false beliefs that keep us trapped. 
    But the reward is worth it. 
    As we let go of the distorted beliefs and embrace the Truth of our True nature, we experience a sense of peace and freedom that cannot be found in the trap house.

    5. So let us be brave and face the truth of who we are.

    Let us rise above the low-frequency channels of the ego and embrace the high-frequency vibration of love. 
    When we do, we will see that the trap house was never our true home.
    We were created for something greater, something pure and beautiful beyond our wildest dreams.
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